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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Chapter 9: Vanilla's First Steps

     Yet again Lacey had to get up in the night because Vanilla was crying, but she didn't mind. The more time she got to spend with her child the better.

     Lacey had to go out that morning to Due Peas Corporate Towers to visit a temporary art gallery being held there. She found the experience enjoyable and got lots of inspiration for her next painting.

     "I got you a book." Lacey said as she dropped the hardback into Reno's lap. He'd been watching TV when he came in and it was time he did something usefull.
     "A pregnancy book?" He looked at her sceptically.
     "Just read it, for me." She said before kissing him lightly on the lips and leaving the room.
     "I suppose it won't do any harm to give it a try." Reno muttered to himself.

     Lacey took off her coat and went to sit in the kitchen, she liked sitting there, by the window. And it was closer to Vanilla's room then the living room was. She opened the book in front of her and began to read.

     The next day was Vanilla's birthday.  They didn't want a flashy party with lots of family and friends. Just a little private one.

     Vanilla was very happy with her birthday present - the toy blocks.

      Reno was getting along perfectly with Vanilla, despite not being her blood father. He spent lots of time with her on her birthday because Lacey had to go to bed due to not feeling well from her pregnancy.

     The next morning Lacey gave Vanilla her first proper meal, solid food that wasn't milk. She looked like she was enjoying it, but did make a bit of a mess.

    When Lacey put Vanilla to bed that night she didn't want her Mum to go.
    "Night night darling." Lacey whispered to her.

     Vanilla stayed awake for a while but she eventually fell asleep and Lacey could go to bed to.

     Lacey got to work starting to potty train Vanilla, she was a very good girl and didn't fuss or complain.

     Lacey also spent a lot of time playing with her daughter.

     And then, in the evening when Reno got home from work he taught her to walk. She made her first steps.

     "Reno!" Lacey screamed.
     Reno imedietly put Vanilla down and ran out into the back garden where Lacey had been painting. Her brush and paints were splayed on the floor and Lacey had gone pale, looking like she was about to collapse.
     "The baby's coming."

     Reno put his arms around her and helped her to the car, he rang the babysitter and then they set off as fast as they could to the hospital.

     Meanwhile, at the Latte home, Vanilla was playing in the nursery, unaware that there was going to be a new addition to the family.

     She remembered being really excited when her parents came home, because she didn't like the babysitter. They put her and her new baby brother to bed.
     Her new baby brother was called Copper, Copper Latte.

This chapter was basically just loads of baby photos and not much text, but hopefully the next chapter will have more writing to it.


  1. Mega they are such sweet pics! Vanilla is so adorable and i can't wait to see Copper too :)

  2. Thanks, i'm so excited to see what Copper looks like!

  3. vanilla so adorable n reno got a good attitude

  4. Can't wait to see Cooper! ^.^

  5. Me neither, oh, and you spell it Copper.