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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chapter 8: A New Addition

     The next morning, Lacey quit her job at the school. She informed her boss of her situation, and she was most reassuring.
     Lacey had discussed the matter of a new job with Reno the evening before, and they decided that it would be best for her to work as self-employed. That way she could look after Vanilla but still work and bring income in.
     She called for a babysitter and left as soon as she arrived.

     It didn't take her long to arrive at the City Hall and she registered as a self-employed painter. It wouldn't bring in much money to start with, but it was better than nothing.

     She had some time to spare before the babysitter was expecting her back so she decided to take a trip to the library. She'd been meaning to buy some cooking books for a while, but had never got round to it, and she had no money with her, so the library was the next best thing.
     She settled down in a comfy armchair and waded through a book about cooking that she'd never read before.

     Reno was waiting for her in the kitchen when she got home, he'd come home from work early so the babysitter had left.
     "Lacey." He beamed as she walked in.
     "Hi Reno." She said as she embraced him in a hug. "How was your day at work?"
     "It was great!" Reno exclaimed, releasing her.
     "What was so great about it?" She asked curiously.
     "I got another promotion!" He answered excitedly.
     "That's great! Another promotion already? You must be doing well." She replied.

     Lacey spent the rest of the evening finishing off her painting. And then got out a fresh canvas and started another.

     "Honey." Reno said as they sat watching TV a couple of days later.
     "I was thinking, now that I've been getting all these promotions we have more money. And we should do some work on the house." He replied.
     She thought for a moment then nodded."Yes, I think we should."
     "Great, do you want to start thinking about it today? Then we can discuss it when I get home from work as I'd better go now." He said.
     "Of course." She smiled as he got up to go.

     A few weeks later, the expansions they'd planned for the house were complete. They'd knocked out most of where their bedroom used to be and put it a staircase leading to the top floor where their new bedroom was, as well as some spare rooms. They'd also put more patio in the garden so it was bigger and moved Lacey's easel out into the garden.

     "What do you think of the house now then?" Reno asked one evening.
     "I think it's even more beautiful than before." She replied happily.
     "I've been thinking." Reno began. "Now that we have more space in the house, we should think about filling up those empty rooms upstairs."
     "What with?" Lacey asked.

     "Bundles of joy." He answered before planting a kiss on her lips.
     "I think, that is a wonderful idea." She replied smiling.
     And Reno kissed her again.

     "I think..." He said. "...that we should continue this upstairs."
     "I think so to." She agreed.

     A couple of days later and Lacey had to run to the bathroom to be sick. She felt awful. But she had her suspicions.

     She went to the hospital to get checked out.
     The docter confirmed her suspicions.
     "I have the pleasure of telling you that you're pregnant." The doctor announced.
     "Oh wow, thankyou so much doctor." She hadn't even waited for a reply, but leapt up from her chair and bounded out of the hospital with joy.
     Now all thats left to do is tell Reno. She thought as she tidied the kitchen away that night.

      She raced up the stairs and into the bedroom where Reno was about to get into bed.
      "Reno!" She exclaimed.
      "Are you alright?" He asked.
      "I'm fine." She assured him. "I have some news."
      "Ok then."
      "I went to the hospital and...I'm pregnant!"
      For a minute he stood there in shock then he threw his arms around. "Oh Lacey thats wonderful, I'm going to be a Dad!"
      "Yes, you are." She said as she pulled away to smile at him.

Hope you liked this chapter. Chapter 9 should be out it the not too far future.


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    Can't wait to see their kiddos! :)

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  4. @JewelsRule i'm excited too! :D

    @Drew i <3 their house to, i think its one of my best, i'd better go save it next time i'm in game!

    @Myssblair Vanilla is so adorable as a toddler!

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