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Monday, 3 October 2011

This is the End...

Dear readers, I'm afraid to have to tell you that this rainbowcy will be ending...as of now...
Thanks to everyone who read it. I guess I owe you an explination. After downloading the rainbow skins the save file went loopy and I got loads of glitches. And...well...you know I said Vanilla and Copper survived the meteorite? Well...they didn't, I didn't realised they died. So the whole family went into mourning and their moods crashed bottom and the save file became unplayable. :(
So there you go, that's why this is ending.
On a lighter note I will be starting a new legacy called The Calloway Legacy very soon. Here's the link, look out for the first chapter soon. Third time lucky right? Haha.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Update 11 - Growing Up

Okay, so this is the first update in a while. Lots has happened since I last posted here.

Lacey got pregnant again! Yipee!

The twins aged up. Phoebe ^^^

Here's Pearl ^^^

Lacey with Phoebe. :)

Lacey went into labour and gave birth at the hospital to a beautiful baby girl called Bianca.

Lacey teaching Phoebe to talk. 

Reno potty training Pearl.

A cute pic of Phoebe. 

Vanilla aged up into a child.

Bianca aged up into an adorable little toddler.

Vanilla doing her homework. 

Lacey teaching Bianca to talk. 

Bianca pulling a funny face. 

And a nice picture of Bianca.

Vanilla dressing up with the new dressing up box that came with Generations.

Copper aged up into a dashing child. ;)

Vanilla went on a dinosaur rampage and wrecked the dolls house. Lacey gave her a good scolding. 

A meteorite hit the school! I've never had one of those before. And Vanilla and Copper were inside! But thankfully they survived to tell the tale.

And Christopher Steel was the only unfortunate casualty.

Hope you enjoyed this update, thanks for sticking with this. Hopefully I'll have another update soon.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sorry for no updates in a while...

I know there hasn't been an update in ages, and i'm really sorry. I have had a lot of exams recently that have been getting in the way of my simming time. But now they are over hopefully i'll get a new chapter up soon.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 10: Tiny Feet

     Lacey and Reno spent much time caring for their two children, playing with them, feeding them when they were hungry in the night. Being a baby, Copper was the most demanding of the two, as he was less able to care for himself at this stage than Vanilla. 
     But soon, Copper's birthday rolled around.

     She took Copper into the kitchen where the special birthday cake she'd bought for him was.
     Her children were growing up so fast, and yet her wish for a big family was not yet fullfilled. She would have to discuss this with Reno after Copper's aging up. 

     Copper aged up into an adorable little toddler. Though she wasn't sure where he got the blue eyes from, as she had pale grey eyes and Reno had brown eyes. But she still loved him to pieces, she would do anything and everything to protect her children.

     Later, when the children were in bed and asleep, Lacey aproached Reno in the living room. 
     "Hi honey." He said, pulling her into a hug. "They're tucked in?"
     "Yes, sleeping peacfully." Lacey replied. 
     He looked into her eyes thoughfully, then took her hand. "Go on, say it."
     "Say what?"
     "I know you're dying to ask a question." He smiled.
     "Well, I was thinking, how-how many kids do we want? I mean, I want more than two, and I don't want so many we can't care for and-"
     "Shush." Reno said. "Let's take it one step at a time shall we?"

     "Okay." She replied. 
     Reno leant forward to kiss her. "Starting now, with child number three."

     The next morning Lacey was woken by the sound of crying toddlers. She forced herself out of bed and down the stairs, an effort she hadn't had before the renovation when they're bedroom had been on the top floor. She made her way into the nursery and took her two children into the kitchen, lifting them up and putting them in their high chairs. 
     Vanilla and Reno were getting along great, especially at meal times. 

     Just after Lacey let Vanilla and Copper out of their high chairs, she suddenly felt very sick, and had to rush to the bathroom. She didn't mention it to Reno, she suspected she might be pregnant but she wasn't certain yet, and didn't want to get his hopes up.

     Lacey and Reno spent the day teaching Vanilla and Copper. 
     Lacey taught Copper how to walk, and Reno taught Vanilla how to walk. 

    Lacey took a pregnancy test the next day, and descovered that she was in fact pregnant again! She was so excited and couldn't wait to tell Reno the good news. 

     That night as they were settling into bed, Lacey made her anouncment. "Honey, i'm pregnant."
     "Oh wow! That's great!" Reno exclaimed. "What do you think it'll be? A boy or a girl?"
     "Haha, I don't know. I don't mind really, I already have a georgeous son and daughter." Lacey replied. 
     Reno grinned. "It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. I'm sure it will be as beautiful as all your other children."

     The next day, Lacey dug the pregnancy books she'd bought when she was pregnant with Copper out from the back of the bookshelf and handed one to Reno. 
     "Let's get reading!" 
     "Again? We read this when you were pregnant with Copper." Reno replied. 
     "I know, I just think it'll be good to read them again." She persisted. 
     "Okay." Reno gave in, like Lacey knew he would. 

     Copper spent a lot of his time playing with the toys from the toy box. Which was fine with Lacey, apart from he never put them back and she always had to tidy up after him. But she's make sure he tidied up after himself when he aged up.

     Over the next week Lacey and Reno spent most of their time reading pregnancy books and teaching Vanilla and Copper. Lacey started to potty train Copper. And Reno taught him to talk, his first word was 'dadda' much to Reno'd delight. Lacey taught Vanilla to talk, spending some quality time with her daughter.

     Then, one day when Lacey was in the nursery with Vanilla, she felt a terrible pain, her waters had broken, the baby was coming!
     She screamed for Reno. 
     "I'll get the car!" He exclaimed.
     "The car broke down yesterday, remember?" She moaned. 
     "Oh dear, I'll call a taxi!" He ran from the room and returned shortly after. "The taxi firm is closed today because it's a bank holiday Monday."
     "I'll just have to give birth here then." Lacey said. 
     After being in labour for over two hours. Her child was born. In her arms she held a beautiful baby girl, which they named Pheobe. 

     Soon after Lacey put Pheobe in her cot, she felt another pain in her womb. 
     "What is it?" Reno asked. 
     "I think...it's twins!" 
     And sure enough, the youngest twin was born, whom they called Pearl. 

Sorry it took so long to get this update up, i've been really busy. Anyways, hope you liked this chapter, look out for the next one! :D