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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Chapter 9: Vanilla's First Steps

     Yet again Lacey had to get up in the night because Vanilla was crying, but she didn't mind. The more time she got to spend with her child the better.

     Lacey had to go out that morning to Due Peas Corporate Towers to visit a temporary art gallery being held there. She found the experience enjoyable and got lots of inspiration for her next painting.

     "I got you a book." Lacey said as she dropped the hardback into Reno's lap. He'd been watching TV when he came in and it was time he did something usefull.
     "A pregnancy book?" He looked at her sceptically.
     "Just read it, for me." She said before kissing him lightly on the lips and leaving the room.
     "I suppose it won't do any harm to give it a try." Reno muttered to himself.

     Lacey took off her coat and went to sit in the kitchen, she liked sitting there, by the window. And it was closer to Vanilla's room then the living room was. She opened the book in front of her and began to read.

     The next day was Vanilla's birthday.  They didn't want a flashy party with lots of family and friends. Just a little private one.

     Vanilla was very happy with her birthday present - the toy blocks.

      Reno was getting along perfectly with Vanilla, despite not being her blood father. He spent lots of time with her on her birthday because Lacey had to go to bed due to not feeling well from her pregnancy.

     The next morning Lacey gave Vanilla her first proper meal, solid food that wasn't milk. She looked like she was enjoying it, but did make a bit of a mess.

    When Lacey put Vanilla to bed that night she didn't want her Mum to go.
    "Night night darling." Lacey whispered to her.

     Vanilla stayed awake for a while but she eventually fell asleep and Lacey could go to bed to.

     Lacey got to work starting to potty train Vanilla, she was a very good girl and didn't fuss or complain.

     Lacey also spent a lot of time playing with her daughter.

     And then, in the evening when Reno got home from work he taught her to walk. She made her first steps.

     "Reno!" Lacey screamed.
     Reno imedietly put Vanilla down and ran out into the back garden where Lacey had been painting. Her brush and paints were splayed on the floor and Lacey had gone pale, looking like she was about to collapse.
     "The baby's coming."

     Reno put his arms around her and helped her to the car, he rang the babysitter and then they set off as fast as they could to the hospital.

     Meanwhile, at the Latte home, Vanilla was playing in the nursery, unaware that there was going to be a new addition to the family.

     She remembered being really excited when her parents came home, because she didn't like the babysitter. They put her and her new baby brother to bed.
     Her new baby brother was called Copper, Copper Latte.

This chapter was basically just loads of baby photos and not much text, but hopefully the next chapter will have more writing to it.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chapter 8: A New Addition

     The next morning, Lacey quit her job at the school. She informed her boss of her situation, and she was most reassuring.
     Lacey had discussed the matter of a new job with Reno the evening before, and they decided that it would be best for her to work as self-employed. That way she could look after Vanilla but still work and bring income in.
     She called for a babysitter and left as soon as she arrived.

     It didn't take her long to arrive at the City Hall and she registered as a self-employed painter. It wouldn't bring in much money to start with, but it was better than nothing.

     She had some time to spare before the babysitter was expecting her back so she decided to take a trip to the library. She'd been meaning to buy some cooking books for a while, but had never got round to it, and she had no money with her, so the library was the next best thing.
     She settled down in a comfy armchair and waded through a book about cooking that she'd never read before.

     Reno was waiting for her in the kitchen when she got home, he'd come home from work early so the babysitter had left.
     "Lacey." He beamed as she walked in.
     "Hi Reno." She said as she embraced him in a hug. "How was your day at work?"
     "It was great!" Reno exclaimed, releasing her.
     "What was so great about it?" She asked curiously.
     "I got another promotion!" He answered excitedly.
     "That's great! Another promotion already? You must be doing well." She replied.

     Lacey spent the rest of the evening finishing off her painting. And then got out a fresh canvas and started another.

     "Honey." Reno said as they sat watching TV a couple of days later.
     "I was thinking, now that I've been getting all these promotions we have more money. And we should do some work on the house." He replied.
     She thought for a moment then nodded."Yes, I think we should."
     "Great, do you want to start thinking about it today? Then we can discuss it when I get home from work as I'd better go now." He said.
     "Of course." She smiled as he got up to go.

     A few weeks later, the expansions they'd planned for the house were complete. They'd knocked out most of where their bedroom used to be and put it a staircase leading to the top floor where their new bedroom was, as well as some spare rooms. They'd also put more patio in the garden so it was bigger and moved Lacey's easel out into the garden.

     "What do you think of the house now then?" Reno asked one evening.
     "I think it's even more beautiful than before." She replied happily.
     "I've been thinking." Reno began. "Now that we have more space in the house, we should think about filling up those empty rooms upstairs."
     "What with?" Lacey asked.

     "Bundles of joy." He answered before planting a kiss on her lips.
     "I think, that is a wonderful idea." She replied smiling.
     And Reno kissed her again.

     "I think..." He said. "...that we should continue this upstairs."
     "I think so to." She agreed.

     A couple of days later and Lacey had to run to the bathroom to be sick. She felt awful. But she had her suspicions.

     She went to the hospital to get checked out.
     The docter confirmed her suspicions.
     "I have the pleasure of telling you that you're pregnant." The doctor announced.
     "Oh wow, thankyou so much doctor." She hadn't even waited for a reply, but leapt up from her chair and bounded out of the hospital with joy.
     Now all thats left to do is tell Reno. She thought as she tidied the kitchen away that night.

      She raced up the stairs and into the bedroom where Reno was about to get into bed.
      "Reno!" She exclaimed.
      "Are you alright?" He asked.
      "I'm fine." She assured him. "I have some news."
      "Ok then."
      "I went to the hospital and...I'm pregnant!"
      For a minute he stood there in shock then he threw his arms around. "Oh Lacey thats wonderful, I'm going to be a Dad!"
      "Yes, you are." She said as she pulled away to smile at him.

Hope you liked this chapter. Chapter 9 should be out it the not too far future.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Chapter 7: Old Enemies

     Reno was up early and had some spare time so he cleaned the kitchen for Lacey. He hoped she would be happy to find a clean kitchen.

     When Lacey got up, Reno had already left for work and she was very pleased to find the kitchen clean.
     She heard Vanilla crying in the nursery so went to go see to her. A few cuddles was all that was needed to calm her down again.

     Vanilla soon fell fast asleep.
      I think it's time I got the paints out again. 
     Lacey busied herself for most of the day painting her newest picture, though she did end up spilling some paint on the floor and had to clear it up. 

     Just as Lacey had finished clearing the paints away and was about to sit down and watch the television, the door opened and Reno called: "I'm home!"
     He bounded into the living room, grinning madly.
     "What are you so cheerful about?" She asked curiously.
     "I have some brilliant news!" He exclaimed.
     "Well, spit it out then." She demanded.
     "I......." He dragged out the word to keep her intruiged then "...got a promotion!"
     "Oh wow! That's great news!" Lacey beamed.
     "And I got a pay rise to." He informed.
     "That excellent, congratulations honey." She smiled.

     The next morning Lacey did the washing up whilst Reno worked out on the running machine. Being in the Law Enforcement Career meant he had to keep fit.

      "Bye Lacey!" He called as he left the house for work.
      "Bye darling!" She called back.
      Reno hurried down the drive and hopped into the car.

     Lacey spent some time with Vanilla, playing with her in the nursery and feeding her when she was hungry.

     Then Vanilla fell asleep in her arms and Lacey tucked her into bed.
     With nothing else to do she decided to do some more painting. She enjoyed painting almost as much as spending time with her family and she took the opportunity of a quiet house to paint some more of her latest painting.

     Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
     Curious, Lacey set aside her paintbrush and went to see who it was.
     Standing on her driveway was the one person she never wanted to see.
     Van Cream.

     "What do you want?" She demanded angrily.
     "Look, Lacey, I feel we got off on the wrong foot." He explained. "I really think we should put what happened between us aside. And that's why I'm here, to offer you my hand in marriage, so that me and you and our child can live together, as a family."
     "You don't even know your daughters own name." She retorted through clenched teeth.
     "I know, but, I just want us to be a family and-"
     "My family is already inside that house." She said.
     "Look, you can't look after our daughter by yourself-"
     "I don't have to. My husband is helping me look after her, and I can assure you he is a much better father than you could ever be." She shouted.
     His face turned red with anger.
     "I, never, want to see your face again!" She screamed. She reached up and slapped him around the face so hard he stumbled backwards.

     He regained his balance and clutched his stinging cheek. "You'll pay for this."
     She was about to turn and go back inside, but Van lept forwards and pushed her down onto the ground. He jumped down on top of her and slammed her shoulders against the ground. She felt her teeth rattle in her mouth and the pain in her back was immense.
     He hit her repetedly and she tried to scream but she found his hand clamped over her mouth. With one last ounce of strength she swung her fist and punched him square in the jaw, his head snapped back and she followed through with a kick to his privital area. He gasped in pain as she pushed him off her and scrambled to her feet.

     He pulled himself up off the ground and turned to glare at her.
     "This isn't over." He spat, before turning and limping down the street.

     Hurriedly she went back inside.
     She waited for Reno to come home from work then explained everything that had happened, tears streaming down her face. She was surprised he could understand a word she said through her sobs but he got the message.
     He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against his chest, stroking her hair tentatively.
     "What shall I do?" She sobbed.
     "Quit you're job, we can manage on my wages until you can get a new one." He said. "I don't want you working with that man."
     All she could do was nod her agreement.
     Soon the shoulder of Reno's shirt was soaking wet from her salty tears. But he didn't care. All he cared about was Lacey.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Chapter 8 should be out quite soon.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Chapter 6: Together Forever

     "We need to think about the wedding." Lacey said one morning when they were eating breakfast.
     "What kind of wedding do you want?" Reno asked.
     "Not something fancy and expensive. Just something private and personal to us." She answered.
     "Okay then, do you have anywhere in mind?"
     "I was thinking, maybe down Maywood Glen where we used to hang out when we first met." She replied.
     He pondered this for a moment before saying "You'd better get a move on and get dressed then while I call a babysitter."

     They hadn't planned it to be that day. But since it would be just them then it hadn't really needed a lot of planning. As soon as the babysitter arrived they left for Maywood Glen. It was only just down the road so they walked there.
     "Bet you can't catch me!" Reno shouted as he bounded down the path.
     "Hey! Come back!" She called as she chased after him.

     They soon arrived. It was quiet and the park was empty.
     Reno was waiting for her under the boughs of two apple trees.
     She walked up to him.
     The sun was almost directly over them, meaning it was almost midday. 

     "Reno." Lacey said. "I love you more than you could ever imagine. I never want to be away from you."
     She slid his ring on his finger and smiled at him.

     "Your eyes like diamonds make me smile; your soft lips like rose petals. We will be togther forever. Through life and death." Reno whispered.
    He slid her ring on her finger with gentle hands.

     She placed her hand on top of his and gazed into his eyes. She never wanted to be apart from him ever, she loved him more than anything in the world, other than Vanilla of course. There was nothing else in the world she could ever want when she was with him.

     "What now?" She asked shyly.
     "Now we kiss." He said.
     He delicately laced his fingers around her waist and pulled her into him, pressing his lips against hers, gently at first, but then gradually with more passion. Her heart thumped in her chest, and she could feel his heart thumping against hers.

      He released her and she stepped back. She smiled and then leapt into his awaiting arms.
      I'm married!
      "I love you." He whispered.
      "I love you too."

This was quite a short chapter, and I'm sorry it took so long. I've been really busy. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this chapter and I hope you're looking forward to the next one!