Welcome to my blog for my Rainbowcy. This Rainbowcy is based on the theme of satin bows. Feel free to read and leave comments. I hope you enjoy this Rainbowcy as much as I do.

Monday, 3 October 2011

This is the End...

Dear readers, I'm afraid to have to tell you that this rainbowcy will be ending...as of now...
Thanks to everyone who read it. I guess I owe you an explination. After downloading the rainbow skins the save file went loopy and I got loads of glitches. And...well...you know I said Vanilla and Copper survived the meteorite? Well...they didn't, I didn't realised they died. So the whole family went into mourning and their moods crashed bottom and the save file became unplayable. :(
So there you go, that's why this is ending.
On a lighter note I will be starting a new legacy called The Calloway Legacy very soon. Here's the link, look out for the first chapter soon. Third time lucky right? Haha.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Update 11 - Growing Up

Okay, so this is the first update in a while. Lots has happened since I last posted here.

Lacey got pregnant again! Yipee!

The twins aged up. Phoebe ^^^

Here's Pearl ^^^

Lacey with Phoebe. :)

Lacey went into labour and gave birth at the hospital to a beautiful baby girl called Bianca.

Lacey teaching Phoebe to talk. 

Reno potty training Pearl.

A cute pic of Phoebe. 

Vanilla aged up into a child.

Bianca aged up into an adorable little toddler.

Vanilla doing her homework. 

Lacey teaching Bianca to talk. 

Bianca pulling a funny face. 

And a nice picture of Bianca.

Vanilla dressing up with the new dressing up box that came with Generations.

Copper aged up into a dashing child. ;)

Vanilla went on a dinosaur rampage and wrecked the dolls house. Lacey gave her a good scolding. 

A meteorite hit the school! I've never had one of those before. And Vanilla and Copper were inside! But thankfully they survived to tell the tale.

And Christopher Steel was the only unfortunate casualty.

Hope you enjoyed this update, thanks for sticking with this. Hopefully I'll have another update soon.