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Monday, 11 April 2011

Chapter 7: Old Enemies

     Reno was up early and had some spare time so he cleaned the kitchen for Lacey. He hoped she would be happy to find a clean kitchen.

     When Lacey got up, Reno had already left for work and she was very pleased to find the kitchen clean.
     She heard Vanilla crying in the nursery so went to go see to her. A few cuddles was all that was needed to calm her down again.

     Vanilla soon fell fast asleep.
      I think it's time I got the paints out again. 
     Lacey busied herself for most of the day painting her newest picture, though she did end up spilling some paint on the floor and had to clear it up. 

     Just as Lacey had finished clearing the paints away and was about to sit down and watch the television, the door opened and Reno called: "I'm home!"
     He bounded into the living room, grinning madly.
     "What are you so cheerful about?" She asked curiously.
     "I have some brilliant news!" He exclaimed.
     "Well, spit it out then." She demanded.
     "I......." He dragged out the word to keep her intruiged then "...got a promotion!"
     "Oh wow! That's great news!" Lacey beamed.
     "And I got a pay rise to." He informed.
     "That excellent, congratulations honey." She smiled.

     The next morning Lacey did the washing up whilst Reno worked out on the running machine. Being in the Law Enforcement Career meant he had to keep fit.

      "Bye Lacey!" He called as he left the house for work.
      "Bye darling!" She called back.
      Reno hurried down the drive and hopped into the car.

     Lacey spent some time with Vanilla, playing with her in the nursery and feeding her when she was hungry.

     Then Vanilla fell asleep in her arms and Lacey tucked her into bed.
     With nothing else to do she decided to do some more painting. She enjoyed painting almost as much as spending time with her family and she took the opportunity of a quiet house to paint some more of her latest painting.

     Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
     Curious, Lacey set aside her paintbrush and went to see who it was.
     Standing on her driveway was the one person she never wanted to see.
     Van Cream.

     "What do you want?" She demanded angrily.
     "Look, Lacey, I feel we got off on the wrong foot." He explained. "I really think we should put what happened between us aside. And that's why I'm here, to offer you my hand in marriage, so that me and you and our child can live together, as a family."
     "You don't even know your daughters own name." She retorted through clenched teeth.
     "I know, but, I just want us to be a family and-"
     "My family is already inside that house." She said.
     "Look, you can't look after our daughter by yourself-"
     "I don't have to. My husband is helping me look after her, and I can assure you he is a much better father than you could ever be." She shouted.
     His face turned red with anger.
     "I, never, want to see your face again!" She screamed. She reached up and slapped him around the face so hard he stumbled backwards.

     He regained his balance and clutched his stinging cheek. "You'll pay for this."
     She was about to turn and go back inside, but Van lept forwards and pushed her down onto the ground. He jumped down on top of her and slammed her shoulders against the ground. She felt her teeth rattle in her mouth and the pain in her back was immense.
     He hit her repetedly and she tried to scream but she found his hand clamped over her mouth. With one last ounce of strength she swung her fist and punched him square in the jaw, his head snapped back and she followed through with a kick to his privital area. He gasped in pain as she pushed him off her and scrambled to her feet.

     He pulled himself up off the ground and turned to glare at her.
     "This isn't over." He spat, before turning and limping down the street.

     Hurriedly she went back inside.
     She waited for Reno to come home from work then explained everything that had happened, tears streaming down her face. She was surprised he could understand a word she said through her sobs but he got the message.
     He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against his chest, stroking her hair tentatively.
     "What shall I do?" She sobbed.
     "Quit you're job, we can manage on my wages until you can get a new one." He said. "I don't want you working with that man."
     All she could do was nod her agreement.
     Soon the shoulder of Reno's shirt was soaking wet from her salty tears. But he didn't care. All he cared about was Lacey.

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  1. Ikr, i hate him more and more every chapter hes in!

  2. Wow Lacey finally got her claws out you go girl

  3. Reno is such a goos husband. :)
    I feel so bad for Lacey... Van Cream needs to go die... ;)

  4. Yeah, Reno is great.
    Van on the other hand...i'm sure something could be arranged that involves his demise.