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Monday, 28 March 2011

Chapter 4: Ups and Downs

    The next day Lacey invited Van round. She had to face her fears and tell him about the baby.
    She was shaking. Her mind racing. What will he say? Will he be happy? Of course he'll be happy! Don't be so stupid! 
    "Hey Lacey. How are you? You haven't been at work the last couple of days." He asked. "Nice dress by the way."
    If only he knew it was maternity wear. 
    "Well, I-I-I-I have something to-to-to tell you." She admitted.
    "What is it?" He encouraged.
    "I'm-I'm-I'm..." Oh just say it! "I'm pregnant."
    "That's-wow-that's-that's great...I guess." He tried to smile but it just seemed false.

    She could tell he was hiding his true feelings. His facial expression said it all. He wasn't pleased with the news at all. He wasn't excited or happy. Her heart felt like it had been smashed into a million pieces, the fragments lost forever in the empty chasm of her soul.

     "You're not pleased. Are you?" She said, trying to hold back the tears forming in her eyes.
     "Pleased? Why would I be pleased?" He exploded.
     Now the tears came, and she couldn't stop them from rolling down her cheeks like a soundless waterfall.
     "Why are you angry?" She choked.
     He cursed under his breath. "I never wanted this!"
     "Then what did you want?" She cried, the anger boiling within her rushed through her viens.
     He said nothing. Just stood there. Glaring at the barely formed child inside her.
     "All you wanted was a bit of entertainment to lighten up your evening! That's it isn't it? You used me for pleasure and for fun!" She bellowed. "You didn't even think of the consequences or how I'd feel! You barely know me and you probably don't even like me! You just thought I was an easy target because-because-because I'm-I'm shy and-and-and you thought that you could just have me for an evening and then dump me by the side without a glance back!"
     "Yeah. You're spot on!" He spat back. "But maybe, if this hadn't happened, I would have dragged you along for entertainment for a few more evenings, and I'm sure my friends would pay me good money for your entertainment to."

    She felt like she was being ripped apart. He had no feelings for her. All he wanted was entertainment and money. The money. She couldn't believe what he'd just said. How could I have been so stupid! I let him walk all over me.
    "So you're going to leave me. Probably never talk to me again. And leave me to care for our child by myself."
    "Yeah. That's exactly what I'm going to do. And you know what? I don't even care." He turned on his heel and left, and never looked back.

   Fresh tears flowed from her eyes like rivers and her vision blurred. How could he do this? How could he be so cruel? In her whole life, she had never felt more alone or abandoned than then.

     In the morning she went to Reno's house, but it was empty. So she made her way to the policestation, hoping to find some answers there. But all she was told was that he'd gone missing after a run in with a criminal. They assured her that he was fine and was probably on his way here now. But this didn't make her feel any better.

    She spent the rest of that lonely day painting. Escaping to the world of imagination, away from her life which she so hated.

    And then, a few days later she woke up to the sound of the television. She was sure she'd turned it off the night before, so quickly got dressed and went to investigate.
    In her living room, sat casually on the sofa watching television, was Reno.
    "Reno!" She exclaimed.
    "Lacey!" He leapt up from the sofa and embraced her in a friendly hug.

    "You're pregnant." He stated, obviously shocked.
    Lacey quickly explained everything that had happened between her and Van.
    "Wow Lacey, you've been up to a lot while I've been gone." He said.
    "You're not angry?" She asked shyly.
    "No! Of course not, it wasn't your fault. May I?" He asked, indicating her large belly.
    She nodded.
    He leant forward and held his hands to her belly. "I can feel the child kicking." He grinned.

     He pulled away, still grinning from ear to ear.
     "Where have you been, Reno?" She asked.
     The smile on his face melted and his expression became serious. "I was out on patrol, and I saw a man running down the street carrying a pink handbag with a lady chasing after him. It wasn't very inconspicuous. So I decided to step in and help the lady, but the man got into a car and began to drive away. I had to get back to my policecar and chase after him. I was busy searching for him because he is known to be a dangerous, and often insane, criminal. I got back as soon as I could."
     "Well, at least you're here now." She smiled, for the first time in a long while.

    A couple of days later Lacey invited Reno round. There was something she wanted to ask him - desperately. What if he says no? What if he doesn't like me after? Oh, stop the 'what if's'!
    "Hi!" He said as she opened the door. "Look, I can't stop for long 'cause I have to go to work."
    "I-uh-wanted to ask you something." She said nervously.
    "Oh yeah, what's that?" He asked curiously.
    "I-well-I was just wondering-you see-I-well-would you-will you-would you like to-to-to move in with me?" She asked, feeling her cheeks flush red. "I know it's only next door but it gets quite lonely on your own and I think it would be nice to have a friend-you know-in the-the-"
    He began to chuckle loudly. Why is he laughing? 
    "Did I say something wrong?"
    "No, no, not at all!" He assured her. "I was just-well-hoping that you'd say that."
    "So you want to?" She asked excitedly.
    "Of course!" He exclaimed.
    She smiled. She was so excited.
    "I'd better get going to work, but I'll move all my stuff in when I get back yeah?"
    "Cool, okay then." She replied as he made his way back to his house.

    The next day and Reno had moved in. He still needed to sell his house though.
    In the evening, Lacey was painting when suddenly a wave of pain overcame her. She almost cried out in agony. What's happening? She screamed out.
    "What is it?" Reno questioned as he burst into the room.
    "I-think-the-baby's-coming." She gasped.

    Reno snapped into action. He got his keys and started the car, then dashed back to help Lacey into the car, he had to half carry her. Then he whizzed her off to the hospital as fast as he could. He helped her into the hospital and then the medics took over.

    Several hours later and Lacey had given birth. She cradled in her arms her baby girl, whom she named Vanilla, she'd had to come up with the name herself since Van wasn't interested in her or their child, and Reno was useless at coming up with names. Soon mother and child were aloud to leave the hospital and Reno drove them home.
    There was already a new addition to their growing family.

Chapter 5 should be up in a couple of days.
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