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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Chapter 2: Befriending Reno

    The next day Lacey decided to make some waffles for the children at work. It didn't take long to make them and she ate her breakfast whilst waiting for them to cook in the oven. Soon they were ready to take to work.

    Soon after she got home from work there was a knock at the door.
    I wonder who that is.
    Lacey put down her book and went to the front door.

    She opened it. Standing there was Reno. He smiled at her, though somewhat hesitantly.
    "Hi." He said.
    "Hello." She said nervously.
    "How are you getting along?" He asked.
    "You know, in Sunset Valley." He prompted.
    "Oh, right." She felt her cheeks flushing. "I-er-got a job at the school."
    "Cool, how's it going?" He questioned.
    "Great." She said.
    "Look...I was wondering..."
    Oh my gosh, is he going to? No, he barely knows me, don't kid yourself! He wouldn't ask you on a date if you were the last person in Sunset Valley. But, maybe...
    "Do you have any milk?" He asked.
    Her hopes were instantly dashed.
    "I'm baking some cake and the recipe requires milk and I don't really have time to go get some from the shop. Do you? I'd really appreciate it." He explained.
    "Um...yeah, sure." She replied.

    She quickly went inside and rummaged around the fridge before pulling out a cartoon of milk.

    She went back to the front door where Reno was waiting patiently.
    "Here." She said as she handed it to him.
    "No problem." She smiled slightly.
    "I'll go buy you another tomorrow to replace this one." He said.
    "No, really, it's fine, don't bother." She insisted.
    "You sure?" He persisted.
    "Yeah, totally." She waved her hand dismisivally.
    "Ok then, see you!" He called over his shoulder as he left.

    That night, something woke Lacey from her peacful sleep. She was dragged out of her dream by a terrible ringing sound. She opened her eyes and yawned. Then she realized. It was the burglar alarm. She hauled herself out of bed and rang the police as quickly as she could. Then she dashed out into the hallway to find a police-officer tackling a man whom she presumed was the burglar.

    She looked on, distraught at the scene playing out before her. She was very confused, how could the policeman get to her house so quick?

    The policeman soon had the situation under control.
    "Sorry for the trouble ma'am. I'll get this thief out of your way." He said as he led the burglar to the door. "It's late, come by the police station in the morning, I'll need your statement."
    "How did you get here so quick?" She asked, still dazzled by the situation.
    "I was going past your house when I heard the burglar alarm go off, so I came to investigate. Nothing seems to have been stolen so I'll just be on my way." He smiled and made his way to the front to while Lacey went back to bed.

    The next day she called in work to say that she wouldn't be in that day. Explaining what had happened and how she had to go to the policestation.

    She was permitted the day off and as soon as she was dressed she headed down to the police station. It didn't take long for her to right her statement.

    Not long after she got home she received a call.
    "Hi Reno." She recognised his voice.
    "I heard about what happened last night." He explained.
    "You heard already?" She exclaimed.
    "I work at the policestation."
    "Well that explains it then." She said. She felt more relaxed talking to him on the phone than in real life.
    "How'd you fancy meeting up at Maywood Glen later?" He asked suddenly.
    Her heart leaped. What should I say? "Yeah, sure."
    "Meet you in an hour?"
    "Yeah, ok." She agreed.
    "See you there!" He said cheerfully.

    An hour later she dashed to Maywood Glen with a spring in her step, eager to meet Reno.

    As she arrived, she saw him walking towards her from the other side of the park, smiling at her as he approached.

    "Hi." She said nervously.
    "Hi." He smiled.
    "So..." She was struggling for something to talk about.
    "How's life?" He asked.
    Where do I start?

    She spent the next hour chatting non-stop to Reno, he was really good company once you got to know him. Soon it got dark and she thought about going home. Reno must have seen this in her expression.
    "Why don't I take you home?" He asked.
    "That would be great." She said.

    Reno drove her home in his car. They were still chatting when he dropped her off.
    "See you tomorrow?" He asked.
    "Yeah, see you." She waved him goodbye and went inside.
    She got undressed and crawled into bed. That night she dreamt peacfully. She once again dreamt of Reno. 

Chapter 3 Coming Soon...


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  2. They're both sooo pretty <3

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    I wonder if they will get together? ;)

  4. I know! Lol.

    You'll have to wait and see...